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Yearly $72.00

Starter Web Protection
Starter Malware Removal
Starter Increase Speed – CDN

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Yearly $156.00

Pro Malware Removal
Pro Blacklist Removal
Pro Web Firewall (WAF)
Pro DDOS Protection – CDN

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All WP Pro features

WordPress Hosting Benefits

Get the best out of WordPress with our affordable, feature-rich plans.

WP Starter WP Pro WP Premium
WordPress Sites Single Website Single Website Single Website
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Uptime 99% 99% 99%
SSD Storage 10 GB 10 GB 30 GB
cPanel (Control Panel)
Website Builder
Free Apps 100+ apps with 1-click install 100+ apps with 1-click install 100+ apps with 1-click install
FTP Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SFTP Files Access

All plans also include these benefits:

Turn back time and protect your website data with AutoBackup.
Quickly build your website for free with Website Builder.
Deliver website content in record time from servers around the world.
Move your existing website to Carrothost 24 hours with expert help.

Frequently Asked Questions

So much of your personal brand is built around your online presence. In fact, everything you do, say, post, comment or share on the Internet represents your brand. With our Website Builder and other tools offered in our Shared Hosting plans, building your brand online is easy.

Shared Hosting is an entry-level type of web hosting where one physical server hosts multiple websites (and often hosts hundreds of users). Since each user gets (“shares”) a section of that individual server where they can host their website files, this keeps costs low. Here users share system resources on-demand, receiving a percentage of databases, disk space, CPU, RAM as well as email and FTP accounts. Other resources include the single MySQL server, Apache server, and mail server. Considered the most cost-effective option, Shared Hosting offers enough resources for any startup, local business, or personal website.

To turn your new Shared Hosting account into your personal website, simply follow these step-by-step instructions. CHOOSE A DOMAIN NAME + CHOOSE A SHARED HOSTING PAKAGE + SUBMIT YOUR ORDER

cPanel is a control panel that acts as a separate account, designed for managing your Shared Hosting service on the server. You’ll be able to build your website with our Website Builder as well as upload and manage files, create email accounts, and check the stats of your sites — all in one place. Your cPanel login details are found in your Welcome Email.

The migration process from another hosting provider to Carrothost is completely free of charge and we guarantee fast cPanel-to-cPanel transfers. Manual website migration is also possible, depending on the individual case.

Yes! With our Softaculous one-click installer you’ll get your WordPress website up and running in no time.

A VPS gives you access to your own personal server, one that’s split up into several virtual servers with allocated resources (disk space and bandwidth) as well as a pre-installed operating system (OS) of your choice. For website owners looking to grow and scale up, a VPS is highly recommended. If your website is too big for Shared Hosting but too small to benefit from Dedicated Server Hosting, a VPS is the right choice for you.

A content delivery network (CDN) is a group of distributed servers around the world to cache (store) and deliver assets (e.g. images and video) to your website visitors faster, no matter their location. In addition to faster website-loading times, a CDN also secures your website, protecting it from DDoS and/or cyber attacks. To take advantage of this web hosting tool, activate CDN by following this easy guide.

  • Our Plan offers unmetered disk space, intended only for your website. This space must be used in accordance with our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), in particular Paragraph 10, Disk Usage Provision.
  • Only first-time Shared Hosting customers are eligible for our 30-day money-back guarantee. For example, if you previously created an account with Carrothost, subsequently canceled and signed up again, unfortunately, you are ineligible for a refund. The same scenario applies to those who have already opened a second Carrothost account.
  • Carrothost will provide a free domain name (first year only) with the purchase of any annual or biennial Shared Hosting plan as long as the domain name is not considered “premium”. Learn more about Premium Domain Names →
    The offer of a free and/or discounted domain name does not apply to hosting plans purchased with a promo code. In these cases, the domain name price will appear separately at checkout.
  • Starter cWatch website protection is only available with Red Carrot plans with US datacenters.
  • Due to the registry restrictions, domain privacy is unavailable for a handful of TLDs. Check the Domain Privacy page to see the full list.
  • Our up to 50% discount offer only applies to purchases of annual and biennial plans. This discount offer does not apply to renewals.
  • Carrothost Supersonic CDN is only available for domain names that use Carrothost’s Shared Hosting nameservers.
  • Promotional price for All packages applies to new registrations only and valid for a limited time.